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Killing me sweetly – Dangers of Sugar

Killing me sweetly – Dangers of Sugar
Ella Tan
  • On March 11, 2015


Your sugar

Yes, please

Won’t you come and put it down on me

(Sugar by Maroon 5)

As soon as the music video for Sugar was released, it went viral! Fans swooned over the “surprise element” of Maroon 5 crashing weddings around town with their sweet performance and of course, really…really sweet faces. However, they were soon busted. From the wedded couple to the wedding guests, surprise! – they were all part of the cast. No wonder everyone looked so good even when supposedly in shock (a skill I wish to learn).

Just as Sugar (the MV) got exposed, now allow me to unveil the truth about Sugar (possibly one of our two favourite taste enhancers, the other being Salt).

Top image:

The evidence is indeed piling up, that sugar is one of the main causes of heart attacks. Dear egg, you have long suffered much injustice, now please take a back seat. The results of a meticulous study of more than 40,000 people has been published in JAMA Internal Medicine showing that those with the highest sugar intake had a 400% increase in their risk of heart attack compared with those with the lowest intakes.


sugar lips


Sugar lurks everywhere

It’s amazing how sugar masks itself so well that often we are not aware that our breakfast can pass off for dessert! For example, did you know that fruit yogurt has more sugar than a Coke, or that most breakfast cereals (say goodbye to sugar coated cornflakes) – even those that are made with whole grain – comprise 75% sugar. No wonder kids are so hyper.


sugar cereal

The Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) says that on average, each Singaporean consumes about 20kg of added sugar – from packaged foods and beverages – a year, with two-thirds coming from drinks. Is it any wonder that obesity numbers are rising when so many people unwittingly consume all this hidden sugar, piling on calories which provide no nutritional value.

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