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Keep your hair brush clean

| On 31, Jan 2015

Hair brushes are disgusting traps for dirt, conditioner, grease and scalp flakes. There is no point keeping your hair clean when your hair brush looks, and smells like a dead animal.

I clean mine once every fortnight – something I feel we all should get into the habit of.  It’s important to be conscious of the hair piling up in your brush.

Here’s how I clean my brushes at home:

  1. Grab a pen, pencil, or letter opener, and slide it under the pile of hair in the brush. Now pull up until the hair starts to loosen. (You do this so you don’t end up cutting your bristles with the next step!)
  2. Next, go in with your scissors and cut straight down the middle. TIPIf you’re cleaning out a round brush, roll it around as you loosen, so all the hair is raised for easy cutting.
  3. Now “peel” the hair open and remove. You can go back in with your pen or pencil to loosen up any more tight spots.
  4. Just look at that dense hairball!


I like to shampoo my brushes each time I clean out the hair. To do that, just fill up the sink or a basin with warm water and add a tablespoon of cleansing/clarifying shampoo. Wash the brush + bristles thoroughly, rinse well, and leave to air dry


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