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Talent Has its Place at Medhatter Media

Super Interns Wanted



Where innovation meets creativity. Where the brightest left and right brainers have a seat at the table. Where you’ll work on some of the coolest health, wellness and beauty names.

With an ageing population around the world each month, Medhatter Media is med about healthful tips, wellness news and brightest ideas to keep our body and soul in great shape. As a premium content network, is a online portal where your talents can thrive.

Medhatter Media offers internships in our Singapore office lasting 12-20 weeks. Intern positions for Summer 2015 will begin opening up in March. It is best to apply online by the end of February for our editor’s review. offers summer internships in the following categories:

  • Video Production
  • Editorial
  • PR & Communications
  • Marketing and Events
  • Social Media
  • Web Development

If you’re interested in applying for a Summer 2015 internship, please save this internship posting so you can be notified when positions become available.

All interns help activate and reach out to new clients across Asia as well as plan high-energy events, where we can connect with clients in the wellness and health industries.


First and foremost, empowering, mobilizing, and connecting with PEOPLE!
-Writing content for blogs, website, and print materials
-Creating social media content -Writing press releases & contacting media outlets
-Researching social media trends, top stories, etc.
-Brainstorming marketing ideas/concepts
-Leading marketing projects

You’ll Thrive in this Position If:
-You’ve got the gift of gab: Excellent communications and great personality

Required skills

-You’re professional in all your ways: written, verbal, presence
-You’ve been around the block: experience in press release writing and articles
-You’re preferably an advertising & public relations, communications or marketing major
-You’ve got some writing samples to show off your skills (required)
– Please send in your application to with a writing samples.

Want to know about what an internship would entail? Read about our Tech Hatter’s experience at Medhatter Media.


Hi Dominic, it was a blast having you on the Medhatter team. Can you share with your experience with

1. Was working at MedHatter all you thought it would be?

I initially thought that doing an internship at MedHatter would have be somewhat mundane or routine, but, when I finally got to it, working with MedHatter allowed me a lot more freedom and practical experience than I probably would have got as an intern at other companies eg attending food tastings and events.

2. Name a memorable work experience?

Meeting with doctors to convince them to come on board as contributors to MedHatter. It was memorable as their contribution was dependent on whether or not I could convince them to work with us.

3. What have you learned from this internship?

Before coming to MedHatter I was oblivious to many of the things that were needed in order to execute a proper marketing plan. I’ve had the opportunity to really refine and improve my communication skills especially over the phone as well as through writing. I’ve also gained exposure on how proper SEO is conducted as well how to go about social media marketing efficiently.

4. What’s your funniest memory from MedHatter?

I had been calling different Food and Beverage establishments to introduce MedHatter to them and one particular place had a Marketing Manager with the same name as mine. It was all very confusing at first when we tried to introduce ourselves and ask for the other person’s name. My colleagues who were in the room with me couldn’t help laughing when they overheard the conversation.

5. What will you miss about MedHatter?

The autonomy, how I go about my work in MedHatter is largely up to me and as long as I hit my goals and produce results there isn’t any issue. While many companies have been trying to adopt working cultures that promote this same kind of freedom I doubt I’d be able to find it outside of MedHatter.

6. Would you recommend this internship to others?

If you enjoy working in a team and being part of a community, MedHatter is definitely a place to intern at. It’s also a great place to really gather some practical experience and get a start on your career. Our full time interns will be given a monthly allowance of $650 per month based on a forty-four hour work week.

Please apply to our Medhatter editor – and 

For marketing roles, please send your CV to and highlight what you can bring onto the table.


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