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Intern Journalist

Intern Journalist Job Description

You need to write like you breathe – with a natural rhythm, sentences that ebb and flow, minus the purple prose likely to cause asphyxia in both yourself and the reader. As a digital journalist, you will also need to be faster than a speeding bullet – at least fast enough to catch trends and happenings – staying ahead of the curve, rather than panting after yesterday’s news.

Believe us, this is good for you. It will train you to be alert, hone your news sense and writing skills so that you automatically avoid stating the obvious or using more words than you need. You will learn to be a lean, mean, interesting writer.

Job Scope

You will be assigned editorial work as well as advertorials. As the focus of MedHatter is health but sweetened with lifestyle segments, you can be writing anything from doctor/patient interviews to personal opinions, from quotes to tidbits from news sites and social media, and helping clients publicise their products or services.

You will be responsible for cold calling potential interviewees and businesses, suggesting/discussing story ideas with the editor, and drawing eyeballs to the site by making magic with words and images

When you hit your target, the reward is a buzz as people respond, talk about what you wrote, and share it with friends. Businesses will welcome you. Restaurants will feed you. Celebs will be nice to you.

We exaggerate, but this is just so you don’t get cocky because there’s lots to learn and do, and never a dull moment. Take a deep breath, and run!


  • A flair for writing ie good grammar and spelling, accuracy and ability to convey a message.
  • Ability to harness social media channels.
  • Willingness to finish the job rather than watch the clock.
  • Creativity to come up with fresh approaches.
  • Curiosity and an interest to learn.
  • Some photography skills would be useful.
  • Relevant field of study. However, superb writing and a nose for news will override all else.
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