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In-Sight Help

| On 31, Jan 2015

Tucked away in Tanglin Shopping Centre is a treasure trove of CCTV reading systems, sunshades with the necessary UV-light blocker, multitude of magnifiers, talking clocks, big print books, supplements and most importantly, a friendly manager.

As a caregiver to a family member with low vision, Anne Ang is sympathetic to the needs of her customers. Young or old, she highly recommends the Acrobat HD by the American company, Enhanced Vision ( Customers include not just seniors, but even primary school children. More in our video.

Anne says, “It’s really a groundbreaking machine. The first version had to be connected to a TV, but the HD model is all-in-one. You can magnify up to 72 x but only for reading, expand up to 50 x, and change colour pages to black-and-white. With line markers, it’s easy to keep track of where you are, so you don’t get motion sickness moving up and down.  And when you write, or sign a document, the line is helpful and it’s adjustable.

“The affordable Max is excellent for reading Chinese newspapers as the characters become clearer. Easy to use, just turn the toggle like a tap to go from colour to black-and-white.” – Ella Tan

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