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In Loving Memory of Dr Brandt, the trailblazer of cosmetic dermatologists

In loving memory of Dr Brandt
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On April 5th 2015, the beauty world bid adieu to one of world’s most respected dermatologists, Dr Fredric Brandt, one of the foremost creators of anti-aging skincare. Aged just 65, it was a huge loss to the beauty world.

With strong endorsement from Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna and designer Marc Jacobs, he attracted legions of fans for his line of award-winning house call (home-use) products, which brilliantly mimic in-office procedures and deliver powerful and long lasting results. Affordably priced, his products left users confident of maximum results in minimal time… just like a visit to the doctor. We loved his range of microdermabrasion creams, collagen boosters, detoxifying creams, shine erase and mattifying lotions.

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The cosmetic dermatologist was a trendsetter way ahead of his time and will likely be remembered for introducing retinol, oxygen, and microdermabrasion concepts to the masses.

Long before Botox became widely available, Dr Brandt’s House Call range gave hopes to the millions who did not have $7,000 in loose change to visit his famed dermatology practice. Having access to a bottle of Dr. Brandt’s cleansers at $79.90 seemed like a pretty good deal.

With clever names such as “Dark Circles Away,” “Pores No More,” “Do Not Age,” and “Needles No More” he seduced men and women with the promise of in-office results. When I organized the Pores No More press event for the product launch in Singapore for one of his international trainers, Ms Kathy Spooner, I was awed by his concept of bringing the doctor home.

She demo-ed to the beauty press the use of the Dr Brandt’s Detoxygen Experience Oxygenating Facial and Detoxifying Crème Concentrate. Beauty editors were won over by how thoroughly cleansed skin felt within seconds of using the concentrate. By injecting oxygen into the cell, the product worked on a cellular level to pump out nasty toxins.

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