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I Want My Noodle

I Want My Noodle
Ella Tan
  • On April 16, 2015


With all the new quaint eateries popping up all over Singapore, you must be bewildered which to head for. Recommended by a friend, we went to I Want My Noodle located at Shaw Centre within the Orchard Road belt. Started by Derrick Kuah (check out his story at, the noodle restaurant is creating quite a buzz among foodies.

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Walking into the shop was like taking a trip back to olde Singapore. With its laidback, serene ambience, it’s like the eye of the storm i.e. a haven from the bustling shopping and business environment around it.

My companion ordered My Aromatic Prawn Noodle ($14.50) and I went for the My Mushroom Noodle ($7.90). We also ordered Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce ($5.90), and since it was lunch hour, we added the pebbles and sago pudding at $2.50 each under their Weekday Lunch sets, which runs from 11 am-2 pm. We also couldn’t resist the avocado shake at $6.50 each.

The avocado shakes came first – thick, rich and with a satisfying avocado flavour. You could tell that they did not skimp on ingredients. It also had a splash of chocolate which added a little extra taste without ruining the taste of the avocado. For lighter refreshment, try their lemongrass drink.


The rest of the food was served and the smell was just tantalising. They were very generous with the toppings. The curly noodles looked like instant noodles at first glance but at first bite, I could tell this was different. It tasted springy and fresh, what locals describe as QQ. The mushrooms were just right, not over or under cooked. The sauce didn’t overpower it, and neither was the mushroom taste too strong. It complemented the noodles just right.


My companion told me the prawns tasted fresh and juicy. The prawn crackers were crispy and light. The fresh bok choy came with a generous lashing of oyster sauce.

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