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How to Stay on the Healthy Course

| On 31, Jan 2015

It’s not easy trying to live healthy without being locked away in a remote retreat or chanting in a monastery on a mountain.

First, there’s the high cost of healthier foods. There are reasons like the small output and not using cheap commercial fertilizers or pesticides, But still, you will spend more in a health store than in a supermarket.

Next, you have to deal with a cultural shift between you and your friends because you’re into the whole lifestyle of eating healthy and you’ll find yourself constantly trying to influence them but no avail.

You would also become known as the healthy friend who knows a lot about nutrition and healthy food who can answer all their questions. What will be a constant frustration is to have to bring your own food to parties even when you are tempted to bury your face in a dozen donuts. This situation will be coupled with getting social anxiety in a restaurant as everyone else has the time of their lives whacking all things gluten.

There will come a point when you start struggling and consider giving up because your friends are binging on something unhealthy but so tasty and you think there’s only so much science can offer and after all, you are no expert. Don’t give up! Think of how far you’ve come and the good you are doing your body. Keep at it and you will soon lose a taste for unhealthy sugary, salt-laden, fried and processed foods. Believe me!

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