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Herbal help for hair

| On 31, Jan 2015

At 62, my mother’s hair is still thick to the envy of women (and men) who are losing their crowning glory.


Her secret is simple and plant based. She uses a lotion made from the plant with the botanic common name, false daisy known as urang aring in Bahasa Indonesia.

She says, “I’ve been using urang aring hair lotion since I was young because my mom told me that the plant helps to keep hair dark and prevent hair fall. It seems to have worked for me.”


Image: Kosmetik Mirabella

The go-to brand for urang aring is Mirabella from Indonesia. Although the plant grows wild in India, Thailand, China and Indonesia, it is the Indonesians who seem to capitalize on its hair-growing properties.

urang aring(1)


The Mirabella product is recommended for people with thinning or greying hair as it’s supposed to help thicken and darken hair, and for additional benefit, vitamin E is an added ingredient.

As folk herbal treatment, some Malay mothers still massage babies’ scalps with the lotion to encourage healthy hair growth. For adults, pour some lotion on your palm and massage into the scalp to reach hair roots.

Does it really work? Who knows, but it’s natural, so there’s no harm trying it for yourself. In Singapore, urang aring is available at Jamu stores and Toko Warisan, 1 Joo Chiat Road.

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