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Here’s happy news for people whose scalps are showing. When the only recourse used to be 1) Hide under a bandana, 2) Wear a wig, 3) Get hair extensions, or 4) Comb over the bald spots, now you can get real hair customised to look like you’ve grown it yourself – even if you have hardly any hair!

Hair today, more tomorrow
Ella Tan
  • On July 31, 2015

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Here’s happy news for people whose scalps are showing. When the only recourse used to be to hide under a bandana, wear a wig, get hair extensions or last, comb over the bald spots but now you can get real hair customised to look like you’ve grown it yourself – even if you have hardly any hair!

HairdreamsThe bald facts

Besides hereditary causes, there are a multitude of reasons why we lose too much hair. Men’s male pattern balding and women’s thinning top can be blamed on medication, illness, infection, stress, ageing, poor diet, or chemicals from hair products that cause normal hair growth cycles to go wonky. The result: No new growth to replace the hair that falls out.

For women, hair loss is often so gradual that you only notice when someone mentions it, or you suddenly see more scalp when styling your hair. You then become self-conscious and might even be depressed about it. While you can try scalp treatments and even prescription drugs, the effects if they work at all, take time.

MLAnnika02051Get your mojo back

Instead of enduring the misery of thin, straggly hair, dress your head in hair so natural no one will realise it didn’t spring from your scalp. Attractive hair makes all the difference, taking years off the face. A healthy-looking head of hair raises self-esteem, renews interest in socializing and might even be a career boost.

CGjmKwKXAAEsHYmHair creations vs hair extensions

Most people confuse one with the other, so what makes them different and justifies the much higher cost of hair creations?

The answer is simple – hair extensions involve tying additional hair to the client’s existing hair whereas hair creations is about tailor-making hair specially for the individual. While hair extensions require a base of hair to attach to, hair creations can be done even on a bald pate.


Hairdreams – technologically ahead

Over at Hairdreams, their experts first analyse your scalp. Next, they find a shade to match your existing hair – or if you’re bald, they will choose a suitable shade. The statistics of the final analysis are sent to the Hairdreams headquarters in Austria where the team will painstakingly work on your hair creation. Only the finest and healthiest of human hairs are chosen by skilled professionals. It will take more than three weeks for the state-of-the-art hair creation to be ready for shipping to the salon but you can be assured, it will be a thing of beauty. A bonding ring made from special crystal polymer is used, ensuring the gentle and invisible integration of hair on the client’s head.

Hairdreams makes dreams come true. Watch how Hair Creations can put a smile on a client’s face:

To celebrate SG50, wear our national colours


Now till 15 August, enjoy a special price of $630 for red and white hair extensions!
Visit Hairdreams at 51 Cuppage Rd, Singapore 229469.


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