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Gym bunny go home

| On 31, Jan 2015


I have noticed that more and more people are joining private gyms and fitness clubs. Honestly, not everyone can afford a $200-a-month membership fee at some swanky gym that promises you heaven and earth when you sign up. Personally, I have tried the swanky gyms and the socialite pilates studios but all I came out with was an earful of gossip and a hefty credit card bill.


Since leaving all that behind, I have tried and tested two DIY/at home exercise systems and here is what I think:


T25 – Developed by Shaun T, the genius behind the Insanity workout (which is an hour long and way harder than T25). A condensed, intense 25-minute heart-stopping workout, the program starts at Alpha which is a month of basic sessions that get your body used to the style of exercise, then it transitions to Beta where the exercises are more complex and you have options to add weights as resistance. In theory, 25 minutes sounds like a piece of cake but in reality, all you can focus on are the little numbers at the corner of your screen, wishing you could travel through time and skip the 25-minute torture.


TRX – Finally, a system that isn’t time-controlled. TRX is a suspension cable system that uses your body weight as its own resistance. The system comes with a little guidebook to get you started on the foundation exercises (be warned, these are pretty difficult). Once you master the basic foundation of TRX, you can move up to the more advanced steps found online. Trainers usually have different ways of customizing your workout so depending on what areas you want to target, there is definitely an exercise for you.


Verdict: Personally I prefer T25 because in the videos, Shaun really pushes you and talks you through each movement. The video has many participants doing the exercises with you so you feel like “If they can do it, so can I”. It really is a great motivator. – Krystal xx

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