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Glamp like the Stars

Glamp like the Stars
Furbie's Mama

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By RACHEL THE – Care to guess what the USD$12,500 (SGD$16,900) gift in the Oscar goody bag was this year? Probably a gold plated set of headphones or a box of caviar and oysters, you say? Quite unexpectedly, it was a week-long glamping trip for two.

So you’re probably wondering; is glamping a thing? Should I be doing it too? Do people even care? Maybe, maybe not.

Despite the fair majority of us who may not have attended the Oscars, we’ve rounded up some alternatives around the world that will make you feel like an international A-lister too.

If you’re an animal lover just like Ian Somerhalder, you’ll love… Sal Salis.
Experience Australia’s famous outback in safari-like tents that are set up in full view of the breathtaking Ningaloo Reef. Imagine waking up to the sight of breaching whales or have kangaroos hop through the grassy dunes right by your tent before you engage in a mid-afternoon swim into the sparkling clear blue waters.

Ian Somerhalder: The 36 year old Vampire Diaries star is known to have set up his own foundation that supports pet adoption centres and no-kill animal shelters.

If you’re as au naturel as Gwyneth Paltrow, you’ll love… Jalman Meadows Wilderness Camp The gers (Mongolian word for tents) here were what inspired the tents you see today at glampsites all over the world. Situated in a large flowering meadow by the peaceful Upper Tuul River in Mongolia, the site provides loving home cooked meals and a library for the laid back traveller, or water rafting and horseback riding for the more outdoorsy individuals. Not faraway do some nomadic families reside, where you may hike to pay a visit.

Gwyneth Paltrow: The actress cum singer cum food writer is known for embracing and encouraging others to live by a natural and organic lifestyle.

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