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Girls, shape up with weights

Girls, shape up with weights
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By LYNN CHIA – Will I look like a man if I lift weights?’ This was my immediate concern every time I was asked to work with weights. Like many, I worried that lifting weights would somehow transform me into a body builder. After all, the images which appear when you Google ‘gym’ or ‘weightlifting’ very often depict extremely ripped and to some, physiques that are ‘too much’, leading to the misguided perception that seriously working out will result in bulging muscles.

weights hulk

weights scary

This is simply NOT the reality of females and resistance training.

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Bodybuilders take years of dedication and discipline to work around their gym schedule and alter their diets to lower their body fat percentages. Such shredded physiques do not come by simply lifting weights.


weights myth

The age-old belief that weight-lifting will get women super-jacked and masculine is absurd and flat-out wrong.


The only ways for women to build significant amounts of muscle – to the point where they start looking manly are to:

  1. Take steroids
  2. Take HGH, testosterone, or other hormones
  3. Have abnormally high levels of natural testosterone, which is extremely rare and you’d be aware of it (it’s not healthy for women)

For the majority of the female population, none of these apply–which basically means that you have zero excuse not to lift weights (you’ll tone up and nothing more, I promise).


Still not convinced?

A Harvard Public Health study shows that lifting weights is actually more effective than running. In fact, the inclusion of weight training has been proven to have an enhancing effect on overall cardiovascular health.

A high-intensity weight-lifting session can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Weight lifting has also been scientifically proven to boost BMR (basal metabolic rate) for up to 24 hours post-workout.

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