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Get the Seoul-ful look

Get the Seoul-ful look

| On 17, Feb 2015

You’re crazy about the Korean makeup look – you know, the porcelain skin, straight eyebrows, puppy eyes and gradient coloured pout? Let GERALDINE TAN help you get the basics right.

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Dewy Skin

Flawless skin is the first step to the Korean look. To achieve a porcelain complexion, the Koreans invented the air cushion, which is hitting every Korean make up brand by storm.

The air cushion soaks up the right amount of foundation to create a natural look.  For added dewiness and glow, use a mineral foundation or CC foundation.

To maintain dewy and radiant skin for the entire day, just pat on loose power at the T-zone.

korean look 1


Straight Eyebrows

Korean women never leave home without drawing their brows. Their brows are always thick, straight and without arches, which are meant to look sweet, youthful and innocent.

It is important to get an eyebrow pencil in a shade closest to your hair color. I also prefer to first define the shape of the eyebrow using an eyebrow pencil and then fill in the gaps using eyebrow powder to ensure the color stays.

korean look 2


Puppy Eyes

 Move over cat eye, the puppy eye is the IN look right now. To create puppy eyes, extend your liner following the slope of the eye downwards, rather than flicking it upwards to get the cat eye.

This look makes the eye appear rounder and results in an innocent doll-like look.

korean look 3


Gradient Lips

What is Korean make up without the much-coveted gradient lips? Taking its cue from geisha makeup with the rosebud lips, visually, gradient lips are more natural, looking like one has just sucked on a strawberry lollipop. The soft bloom of color from the center of the lips gives an innocent and flattering look. Perfect the technique of creating gradient lips along with doe-y eyes, and you will be the very picture of cuteness.

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