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GET OFF THAT BOOTY: How to keep motivated

| On 31, Jan 2015


You start out all enthusiastic on some fitness programme, but after a few sessions, you begin to find excuses not to go? Or you resolve to brisk-walk before or after work, but your good intentions fizzle out because you can’t wake in time, or prefer to go shopping? It happens to all of us. Here’s advice from Krystal who knows all about wanting to reach for a comforting treat by 4pm.

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  • Many little meals vs. a few large meals

Keep meals light so that you don’t slip into a ‘food coma’ state. Too much food causes your blood sugar levels to rise and fall dramatically which leads to that drowsy feeling – the food coma. Keeping your blood sugar levels steady and stable will cause you to feel more energised and awake enough to head to the gym for a workout.

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  • Make it a date

Use a buddy system – your friends or your partner – to keep motivated.

You are less likely to back out of a sweat session if you’re meeting someone there. Instead of catching up over fried food and empty calories, why not catch up over a workout?



  • Treat yourself

Set realistic goals with regular checkpoints. At each checkpoint, reward yourself!

No workout, no ice cream. No workout, no bubble tea.



  • Set reallllllly basic goals

The biggest hurdle is getting to the gym. if you set a really basic goal like, a 20-minute walk on the treadmill, you’ll be less likely to drag your feet to the gym – pssh 20-minute walk? Easy peasy – but once you get to the gym you’ll feel like ‘Hey, that’s way too easy! I’m already here, I may as well go all out today.”

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