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Get Crafty 2

Get Crafty 2
Ella Tan
  • On October 12, 2015


If you don’t have a lot of space, pick a craft that won’t fill a room, or two. A hobby can take over your life, turning from a passion into an obsession.

I should know.

My house is stuffed with the bric-a-brac of a life spent pursuing multiple crafting interests. I just threw out a boxful of fabric paints from when I used to paint tee shirts and tablecloths. Then, there’s my stack of stencils, rubber stamps and dried-up stamp pads for decorating stationery and tiles (to use as trivets). Did I mention paper punches and art paper? Another big boxful lies somewhere. There’s also clay for oven-baking, but these days it’s beading I do most of.

Top image:

I have roller boxes of semi-precious stone and glass/acrylic beads, Japanese seed beads, findings, chains, cords, tools, and bead trays. And I still keep buying more.

But it keeps me happy and if you can find a craft you enjoy, I assure you you’ll be happy too.

Forget me knot

Macramé is enjoying a revival. It used to be hot in the flower power days of the Swinging Sixties, but despite the books I bought, I never managed macrame. Now it’s trendy again as the world tries to halt environmental damage and return to a less wasteful lifestyle.

I would still like to make planter holders and household décor items using knotted rope. What’s intriguing are macramé “leggings”. You’d be surprised by the new uses for old crafts. Macramé and knotting are easy enough to learn from online tutorials and websites, but you can get cross-eyed from concentrating on the twists and turns.


 craft macrame1 legs


 craft macrame plant holders


 craft macrame tree


 craft knotting 1

Speaking of old, you can’t get more ancient than the art of knotting -Chinese, Celtic, nautical – to make accessories for body and home.


 craft chinese-knotting-4

Knotting is pretty macho too as paracord bracelets are made by adventurers as practical accessories. Generally though, guys seem to love using sturdy paracord to make belts and even dog collars.


 craft paracord bracelet

Patch it up

Quilting has enjoyed steady popularity although only among a certain class of women. It’s not for anyone who expects speedy gratification as the process is slow but the results are definitely gratifying. A quilt lasts a lifetime at least, and makes a wonderful keepsake. Join a class for camaraderie while you learn the basics – Quilts and Calicoes at Tanglin Mall.

Image: machine quilting –

 craft machine quilting


 craft quilt patterns

Sew satisfying

Sewing is not one of my skills Other than pillowcases and curtains, I’m not much good with needle and cloth. But if you enjoyed sewing projects in school, hone your skills at shops like Spotlight (Plaza Singapura) or Sing Mui Heng and Golden Dragon (People’s Park Centre). There are regular sewing classes and also all the materials for quilting, dressmaking, embroidering and bagmaking.

Or if you already know the basics, join Kollabora

It’s described as a community of makers where people share ideas and patterns.

 craft crochet kollabora

Image: Free bag tutorial at

 craft sew bags

Memories for keeps

Scrapbooking need not be expensive, so if you’ve been deterred by the high cost of materials in shops, don’t scrap the idea.

The borders, fancy paper, frills and gewgaws are all optional. In fact, if you check the Martha Stewart site, you don’t even need a book. A ring can hold a bunch of cards together, or you can fold art paper accordion-style into a flyer-like keepsake.


 craft scrapbook travelcraft scrap recipes

If you are lucky enough to have a mother or grandma (or aunt even) who’s a great cook and not suffering from dementia, quickly collate recipes of favourite dishes even if you have to watch and measure ingredients yourself. Make into a scrapbook using ready templates (available on ebay). Give to younger members of the family who might not appreciate it now. However, in the future, when they gaze at the collection and recall loved ones and the wonderful food, your efforts will pay off.


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