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Ella Tan
  • On October 16, 2015


Enter the newly opened Stenders shop in Plaza Singapura (#03-75) and you’ll be drawn like a bee to nectar – directly to the soap shelves. Here are handmade soaps that look and smell good enough to eat. You’ll not be able to resist sniffing and gushing over the absolute loveliness of soaps like oat flake-lemongrass, vanilla cream, blueberry, honey milk, chocolate vanilla, caramel, wild coconut, lilac, peppermint eucalyptus and many more. Don’t you feel like taking a bite out of the lemon cream soap (below)?

Stenders soap shelfStenders lemon cream

Reasonably priced at about $9 per 100g bar (about the thickness of a fat thumb), these make delightful treats for yourself and also gifts ,especially as they are so prettily wrapped. You’ll feel like breaking into song – Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things…

 Stenders brown paperStenders soap package

And indeed, the Stenders folks take great pride in recreating a garden feel, all natural and inviting.

 Stenders hand sniffStenders rose scrub etc


At the opening party, Jeiflyn from Stenders showed how their products not only smell divine but are also effective. Guests lent their hands for a Wild Rose scrub and yogurt moisturising treatment. The result: many velvety soft but non-greasy hands. And as the Wild Rose scent is light, no one felt overwhelmed, just soothed.

 Latvia map

Don’t know about you, but this is the first Latvian product I’ve heard of. Latvia by the way is way up north, one of the Nordic countries and neighbour to Estonia, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus (map provided to give you a better idea).  Of course, the air is enviably fresh, and the capital, Riga where Stenders was born has charming architecture you’d associate with a fairy tale (or a James Bond movie).

The business started as a cozy shower and bath product shop, but obviously, word about Stenders delightful feel-good soaps, bath balls, and skin treats spread. In a mere 14 years, shops have sprouted in 21 countries. And now with skincare making up the 300 products in their catalogue, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you go shopping for Christmas prezzies this year.

 Stenders team ribbon cuttingStenders Julien

The Stenders team declare the store open!

CEO Julien Laporte explains the philosophy behind the brand – to trigger joyful emotion for customers, hence gardener of feelings.

Stenders Jamie

Event host, Jamie Yeo shared her happy experience with the Wild Rose bath range.

Stenders crowdStenders roses & champagne

‘Twas an indoor garden party with Champagne and rosy macarons. Thank you for the invitation Publicist PR.


  1. Ester Em

    Ooh..handmade soaps are just beautiful and romantic. I think they are made with love as well :-) I’ve never heard of this Latvian product as well but the range of soaps they have seem delectable and would be nice to have in your bathroom or as gift. Would be dropping by their Plaza Singapura outlet soon to have a sniff :-)

  2. love the scent :p

    • Michelle Ang

      This look really good. Hope to try!

  3. Ng Lee Yuen

    I love their Wild Rose bath range..It smells very romantic and make me feel like i am in love <3

  4. Julia Pang

    Handmade soup is so gentle to the skin. I like the fragrance cause it helps me to relax and free my mind while taking shower after a long day of work! Loving it!

  5. Kylie Teo

    Feel so sweet just by reading this post ?

  6. Sophia Ang

    Can’t wait to try these lovely handmade soaps!

  7. Eileen Lim

    Love handmade soaps that look and smell delicious!! :)

  8. ashmika jain

    Wow.. Seems awesome & sounds really effective. Looking forward to explore their products specially Bath balls & Body spreads. Great option for upcoming Diwali Gifts..

    Thanks for sharing the review..

  9. the Wild Rose scrub really surprsied me!

  10. Jam Quek

    Looks amazing, would love to win it for my wife. She will definitely love it.

  11. Bebe Lee

    Wild Rose scrub and yogurt moisturising treatment are very good for my dry and rough hands.

  12. Chay Hwai

    Thanks for the Stenders giveaway. The Body Yogurt and Shower Soufflé looks great for everyday use on my dry skin.

  13. Sounds great! Would love to try some Stenders products! :)

  14. Grace Lee

    The soap looks so amazing, how I wish I could have all of them.

  15. Gillian Lee

    I think I won’t be able to resist myself from admiring and sniffing them one by one. They definitely will smell so good.

  16. Zhen Yun

    Hope to win these lovely beauty hamper! Attracted to those soap especially! :D Pretty in colour and must be awesome in fragrance! :D

  17. Zoey Chan

    So Lovely and Beautiful! I’m going to make a beeline to Stenders!

  18. I fell in love with it already

  19. William

    Liked and Shared. Awesome shop with the right beauty products to soothe everyone skin!

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