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Best bites around the World

Best bites around the World
Priscilla Peck

Angel hair pasta? Dried wanton noodles? That was what first came to my mind when I saw this dish. But it is actually a cold dish made from very thin noodles called somyeon (wheat noodles) that is cleverly mixed with a strong spicy flavour produced from the combination of red pepper powder, gochujang, minced garlic and lastly, sweet and sour flavour created by a vinegar-sugar mix. This dish is especially popular during the Summer and is loved by spice lovers.

Salteñas, Bolivia



Curry puffs! These little things called Salteñas are filled with either beef or chicken, hard-boiled eggs, vegetables and spices wrapped in pot pie crust, and are baked in the oven. There are two styles; the other being the salteñas de caldo filled with a chopped beef stew and lots of spices. This savoury-baked pastry gave Bolivia the prize for the best style of empanada (stuffed bread or pastry) in Latin America. Shouldn’t that be enough to make you want to eat it?

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