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Food for the Skin

| On 31, Jan 2015


As much as I want sleep, I don’t get much of it. People fail to realise the many wonders of sufficient sleep. It is such a good thing to do for your body and brain. Not having enough sleep is such a bummer, and more often than not, it ruins my day.

There are reasons as to why people always say that when they are depressed, they either eat or SLEEP. Sleep works like overnight therapy helping you clear and sort out your thoughts in your sleep.

Six to eight hours of sleep is the usual recommendation in order to be alert and energetic during the day. The time you spend sleeping is when the brain links up all that happens through the day and stores all the memories, events and feelings. So, if you’re forgetful, you know what that means.

Your body needs rest from all that the body’s been overwhelmed with during the day, your attention span will slowly diminish and that’s when the body starts failing on you. You begin to constantly feel like you’re on the brink of falling sick.

With the amount of productivity expected in this country, it is no wonder that so many are sleep deprived. I tend to favour sleep when things get out of hand. I miss sleep and I think we should all start getting into the habit getting a good night’s rest and let all the stress and worries dissipate into the air!

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