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Face scrubs

Face scrubs
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By SHERMAINE WONG – In hot and humid Singapore, it’s crucial that we exfoliate away the pore-clogging sebum, grime and build-up of dead skin cells. A regular scrub helps maintain a bright and healthy complexion.

THE FACESHOP’s White Jewel Peeling, contains pearl extracts and natural cellulose (an organic compound found in cell walls of green plants) to effectively remove dead skin cells. It is a gentle exfoliating product that leaves the skin feeling fresh and moisturized, and looking visibly brighter and fairer.

faceshop white jewel peeling
How about a delicious-smelling scrub that conjures up images of dessert? THE FACESHOP’s Honey Black Sugar Scrub contains, what else but honey black sugar.  It promises to remove even the most stubborn of blackheads and dead skin cells. Interestingly, this formula warms the skin while scrubbing, leaving soothing comfort. The honey content contributes to a smooth and lustrous complexion!

faceshop honey sugar scrub


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