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Raising Professional Standards of TCM

Raising Professional Standards of TCM
Ella Tan
  • On June 19, 2015


MSIP2012 TCM-education

Eu Yan Sang will now be offering professional development courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine for eligible practitioners in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Eu Yan Sang Academy brings realistic approaches and ‘real world’ understanding to training and learning of Traditional Chinese Medicine to raise professional standards. Continuing TCM education programme and clinical attachments offered by the academy have received accreditation from Singapore’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board.



The initiative, the first to be led by a private company, follows Eu Yan Sang International (EYSI) partnership with renowned Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM), to raise the professional standards of the TCM industry.

Students and participants should expect robust syllabuses that answer to the evolving needs of today’s society. These syllabuses are formulated from an in-depth understanding of TCM through a combination of practical experience and contemporary science from EYSI and SHUTCM.

Through the Academy, participants who are medical doctors may have the opportunity to be exposed to training in TCM knowledge and clinical attachments, while TCM practitioners have opportunities to learn from TCM master physicians through Continuing TCM Education (CTE) and herbalists are eligible for a TCM pharmacy programme. Health and wellness courses will be offered to the general public.

“When we combine the best practices and gold standards from education, training and work experience, we envision an enriched tomorrow that offers the best of approaches and product quality in TCM for the general wellbeing of the industry and the public at large.”

For those interested, the Eu Yan Sang Academy has also developed a training programme specifically for non-TCM professionals. This programme offers various modules teaching basic concepts of TCM and is offered to the public for self-enrichment. For more details, please contact the Eu Yan Sang Academy through or +65 6227 3211.

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