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Eat half. Save money. Lose weight. Yay!

Eat half. Save money. Lose weight. Yay!

| On 31, Jan 2015


Did you grow up hearing your mum or grandma nag, “Finish your food. Think of the starving”? Donate money to the starving. Don’t stuff your face. It doesn’t help them and it just makes you fat.

I used to eat till I felt uncomfortable, but now I realise that the rest can be saved for later.

Lately, I’ve figured that eating half a portion and packing the other half for the next meal helps me feel less guilty.  This also prevents me from taking in too much refined white rice instead of filling up on healthier dishes like vegetables, fish, or chicken.

My trick is to halve my food portion. I can finish my meal and I’ve discovered eating less has also increased my meal satisfaction.

For an easy start, set aside a quarter from the portion you usually eat. When you are comfortable, move on to half.


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