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Don’t leave home without …

| On 05, Jan 2015

Frequent travelers never leave home without exactly what they need – no more, no less. The fussy will pack their own toiletries, but if you’re staying in decent hotels and can use any shampoo and soap, you can lighten your load considerably by not carrying a bunch of little bottles.

Besides skincare and deodorant, as well as essentials like soaking solution for contact lens wearers, here’s what else you should carry.

  1. A safety whistle can be lifesaver and takes up little space. You’ll be thankful you have one on you in case of an emergency.
  1. A mini flashlight for possible black-outs that happen ever so frequently in some countries. It’s also handy for when you drop something in the plane and don’t want to turn on the overhead light.
  1. Basic medication – only as an adult did I understand why my dad packed an array of medications on every trip. Falling ill is a reality, so have meds for fever, rashes, food poisoning, allergies, and especially prescribed medicine if you need it along with a doctor’s letter in case of problems.
  1. Wet wipes and tissue packs are useful everywhere.
  1. Universal power adapters as you might not be able to charge your phone, tablet or camera in countries with a different plug type.

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