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Does your bust friend really fit?

| On 31, Jan 2015


Do you keep buying the same bra size? Do your cups runneth over?

A survey showed that bra sizes change five times for two-thirds of women over their lifetime, as they gain or lose weight, go through pregnancy and childbirth.



As the right bra not only provides support and maintains the shape of breasts but also affects overall posture and comfort, it’s time to get properly measured if you’ve been neglecting to do so since you were a schoolgirl.

I remember the embarrassment of being measured by the sales assistant when shopping for bras. And I’m not the only one.

My friend Liyana, 19, is typical of modest Asian girls. She says, “I have never been measured and my mom has been buying my bras since the first one. I would be embarrassed to go out and buy my own bras because I feel uncomfortable choosing bras that fit and look good on me.”

bra fitting


Personally, for me, the embarrassing part is being told what my bra size actually is. I was measured once and the sales assistant told me that I have a size E cup. I was stunned. Many women prefer to believe their breasts are bigger or smaller than they really are. Hence, 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra claims Jockey, the famous undergarment brand.

I had an “A-HA” moment (as how Oprah puts it) when I watched an episode on bras on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It made me think about my feelings about bras and breasts, and why I should feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and underwear.

For a start, here’s how you check if your bra is the right size.

Your breasts should fill the cup but not spill or pop over. The band is too big if it rides up at the back or causes your straps to fall. There are many ways to find the correct size. Go to the Victoria Secret online guide – Finding the Perfect Fit. This helps folks like Liyana discreetly find the perfect size for their breasts.

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