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Digital Marketing Executive

What is

Answers health and beauty questions you never thought to ask.

From acne to rheumatoid arthritis, cancer treatment to alternative medicine and skincare, with the help of the medical and beauty community, we help the curious understand availability and effectiveness minus the jargon. Pluses: first-person experiences along with videos and sound bites whenever possible.

Target audience are the public, local and foreign, interested in a wide slew of wellness issues, both serious and lifestyle, as well as health professionals and product distributors.

Provides a platform for common folk to air their concerns and for suppliers to educate and understand their customers. Visitors are linked by subject matter rather than location, and as health matters apply to everyone, geographical borders don’t exist.

Takes your products and services further as possible reviews and advertorials can reach the world and potential new markets. Customised content can dovetail with hot topics and individual directions. Feedback is easily and immediately gathered and clients’ social media presence enhanced.

JD: Digital Marketing Executive

The digital marketing executiveis responsible for keeping the Medhatter website current with daily fresh content and general maintenance.

Specific duties include:

Our digital marketing executive is responsible for

  • Creating and deploying weekly email campaigns
  • Creating reviewing, testing and deploying; emails, forms and landing pages for marketing automated campaigns
  • Market the brand site to targeted pool of customers to make the best of this channel
  • Track response to evaluate the effectiveness of communications and offering advice and guidance on optimization
  • Work closely with editorial team to develop marketing message for clients
  • Oversee upcoming web site development and deployment
  • Develop 2015 marketing plan, marketing collaterals
  • Develop a social media plan

If you’re right for this role, you will:

  • have a diploma in marketing or degree or equivalent
  • be comfortable working daily with a small team, liaising with vendors and clients
  • Have experience in HTML and eDM

Please apply with with your CV and writing sample.

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