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Depressed? It shows in your blood

Depressed? It shows in your blood
Ella Tan
  • On October 20, 2015


Walking under a cloud because business is slow, your job applications aren’t getting results, your relationship is floundering, and the days really appear miserably grey. The last can be blamed on the haze, but are you seriously depressed, or just in a regular funk?

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Now that a blood test can reveal depression, soon the fakers can’t get MC and the hypochondriacs can’t kid themselves.

Neuroscientists at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois have found that the levels in a panel of markers distinguish the truly depressed from the non-depressed.

Marsha Lewis for Inside Science:

Usually, “diagnosis is based on a battery of questions asked in the doctor’s office.

But this blood test could take the guesswork out of diagnosing depression and give further evidence that depression is a physiological illness.


 depressed blood

The test looks at levels of nine RNA blood markers. RNA is the molecule that carries out instructions from DNA genetic code. It acts as a messenger to create proteins that perform important functions in our body’s cells.

The RNA markers look different in patients with depression versus those who don’t have depression.

A study of 32 adults found that levels of these markers changed after 18 weeks of cognitive behavior or talk therapy.”

When blood analysis is used for determining depression, it will give patients a better shot at getting the best treatment, and assure them that they are ill, and not lazy wackos.


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