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D.I.Y. Camp to Glamp

D.I.Y. Camp to Glamp
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BY RACHEL THE: D.I.Y. Camp to Glamp

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Glamping has become quite popular as of late. But of course not everyone can afford to set up camp in the undisturbed Chilean fjords or at rocky deserts in California.

Solange Knowles goes glamping at Joshua Tree’s National Park in California.

Solange Knowles goes glamping at Joshua Tree’s National Park in California.

Bearing in mind how amazing these people glamping in exotic locations all over Tumblr and Instagram might appear to be, there are cheaper ways to up your camping game without breaking the bank. It’s going to take some effort, but it’s also going to be worth it.

Accessorise Your Campsite

It isn’t glamping till your campsite has been outfitted with these decor amenities to keep your creature comforts at bay.

Fairy lights: When the sun sets it’s nice to have some form of light for reading, or adding a touch of that “indie” sparkle to your campsite.
Blankets and cushions: Forget sleeping bags. Lining your tent to the edge with thick fluffy blankets and cushions will keep your tent cosy, inviting and away from the unevenness of the soil.

Foldable furniture: Adding foldable chairs and tables around the campsite will really pull the whole look together, in addition to having more space to organise your things.
Decor from home: Pack the vase with the artificial flowers, that serving tray you have lying around – heck, throw in the shoe rack too. It’ll all come together once you’ve unloaded at camp.

Food and drink

As you are on a budget, there isn’t going to be an intercontinental breakfast buffet waiting for you outside your tent. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a decent meal.

Pancakes: Pack pre-made pancake mix into tupperwares. When it is time to eat, all you will need to do is just add water to cook.
Spices: Use old tic tac boxes to store spices to enhance your meal’s flavour.
Packet drinks: Stock up on packet drinks that comes in sixes. Local supermarkets should be well stocked with Milo to Chrysanthemum tea.

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