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Cyclists, here’s how to avoid injuries

Cyclists, here’s how to avoid injuries

| On 11, Feb 2015

‘Cycling is an incredible sport when done correctly,’ says Sports Physician, Dr Cormac.

Indeed, cycling has been proven to improve cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility, lower stress levels and reduce body fat percentage.

PEARLYN NG gathers information from 3 medical specialists to help cycling fans prevent or treat cycling injuries.

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DR CORMAC O MUIRCHEARTAIGH (pronounced oh murra hurt tig), Sports Physician at The Sports Medicine Lab dispenses some golden tips for cyclists:

The common risks of cycling include straining the neck, knee, hand and lower back as well as the groin and butt area.

The result is pain, so realign your posture on the bicycle. Just as for your walking and sitting postures, a bad cycling posture will increase your chances of injury.

Some cyclists also experience numbness at the crotch area after cycling for long durations.

A simple adjustment of the bicycle saddle, to ensure an equal distribution of pressure between the feet, the butt and the hands should solve the problem.

If necessary precautions have been taken but the pain persists, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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Orthopaedic Surgeon DR TAN CHYN HONG, a shoulder, knee and elbow specialist discussed potential bone injuries for cyclists.

For instance, one of the most common injuries from falling off a bicycle would be a collarbone fracture (clavicle fracture). While it doesn’t sound terribly serious, this should not treated lightly as the collarbone is the only connection between the shoulders and the rest of the body.

Patients suffering from a clavicle fracture can opt for a non-surgical or surgical method of recovery. However, 18% of non-surgical patients do not heal naturally. For those who do, there may be cosmetic side-effects, as the growth of a callus will result in a visible bump where the fracture occurred.

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