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Cranky with acne

| On 31, Jan 2015


Acne sufferers share some things in common, besides spotty faces. Break-outs make us angry and irritable, so don’t aggravate us further. Here’s what unites us.

  1. We feel like punching people who complain about their monthly breakout when ours happens every day.
  2. We can’t stand people who dispense advice as if we’ve never heard of the same thing.
  3. We can’t wait 6-8 weeks for products to show effect. We want to see results in 3 days, or we’re over it.
  4. We wonder if the only thing people look at is our face.
  5. We hate it when kids come up and ask why we have bumps all over our face.
  6. Our friends say a particular product helped clear their skin, but we try it and our acne keeps appearing.
  7. Lugging home all the products we’ve researched online, only to regret wasting money because none of it works.
  8. Trying hard not to get stressed because we know that stress triggers break outs.
  9. Trying obscure home/natural remedies in the hope that it will clear our skin. But no, nothing works.
  10. Waiting for the day we can confidently take a selfie bare-faced.

If you have acne you’ll understand. I really feel for you.

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