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Cleaner teeth

| On 31, Jan 2015


With proper oral care, you can keep your full set of teeth till the very end. While your bogay (toothless) friends suck up soft food, you’ll be able to crunch and chew your way through solids like fruit, kropok, chicken, or even steak. Good dental hygiene makes you less likely to get gingivitis and dragon’s breath, and best of all, you can save a small fortune in dental fees.


You probably know all that. However, if you’re like me, you might still drag your feet and miss dental appointments. I’ve paid for my cavalier attitude (root canal, a bridge, 3 crowns, fillings) and now dutifully go for my check-ups. I also floss and on top of it, I brush with my trusty SoFresh toothbrush.

SoFresh bristles

SoFresh toothbrush1(1)

The SoFresh toothbrush has patented double-tiered, dual-action bristles. Shorter, rounded bristles clean teeth and massage gums while longer, tapered bristles clean between teeth and under gums to remove plaque. The result is like brushing and flossing simultaneously – ideal when you’re at work or travelling. However, when you’re home, don’t skip flossing.


Besides regular toothbrushes (available from FairPrice supermarkets), SoFresh comes in a children’s version and a folding travel edition (order online: Check out the tongue scrapers too – very effective for removing the protein coat from your tongue.


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