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Dogs – Friends with benefits

September 16, 2015 |


If you’re thinking of buying/adopting a dog because your child wants one, my advice is to think it through – over the next few years. A dog is not a plush toy. Choosing a puppy based on … Read More

Tips To Ace Public Speaking

September 14, 2015 |

Growing up as a very soft-spoken, introverted kid, presentations were never easy during my polytechnic years. Heck, meeting new people was already hard. I was watching a show a few days ago on National Geographic (I don’t remember … Read More

Tips for Hassle-Less Laundry

September 10, 2015 |

“Do your laundry!” says the mother. We all can resonate how dreadful those 3 words feel when we are perfectly fine lazing on the sofa snacking our favourite chips while watching an episode of “Friends”. No one likes doing the … Read More

Review: Polar Loop

September 8, 2015 |

From Polar, Fitbit, TomTom, there are just too many fitness trackers to choose from. I was given the opportunity to review Polar’s fitness tracker and I’m here to share with you my experience. Ever since the launch of Fitbit a while … Read More

Decoding Food Labels

September 7, 2015 |

To get off to the right start, banish the Monday blues with a sensible diet plan. 

If you are like most of us, you probably do your supermarket shopping with a list, and an eye out … Read More

Sophisca Supports Breast Cancer Foundation

September 4, 2015 |

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes centre-stage in October, Sophisca is doing its bit to raise awareness about the number one female cancer. 

As reported by the National Cancer Centre Singapore, more than 25% of the cancers diagnosed in … Read More