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Why the Chinese are myopic?

January 31, 2015 |

Who: Alan Saks, optometrist, lecturer, writer and former owner & director of Barry+Beale Optometrists and Vigil Eyewear

By age 20, 70 to 90 percent of Asians are myopic. Not so surprising you think since the myopic must be mainly city folk … Read More

Breast cancer – same disease, same stage but different treatment. Why?

January 31, 2015 | 

The answer is simple. Every cancer is different.

The explanation from

Cancer cells are “born” when abnormal changes in DNA tell cells to grow faster and behave differently than they should. As these cancer cells multiply to form … Read More

Breast cancer diagnosis – How soon makes a crucial difference

January 31, 2015 |


The overweight are more likely to develop tumours. Fat cells produce oestrogen and levels of this cancer-triggering hormone can be twice as high in obese women as those of a healthy weight.


Women are most at risk once … Read More

Moles – Beauty Marks or Trouble Spots?

January 31, 2015 |


A mole in the right place can be lucky according to the Chinese almanac, and also add a charming distinguishing feature. Just look at Cindy Crawford, Natalie Portman, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Eva Mendes, Rachel McAdams, Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, … Read More

Read my Tongue

January 31, 2015 |

Read My Lips – Medhatter asks Ms Joanna Liew, TCM Chinese Physician and Manager of Bao Zhong Tang, Premium TCM CentreRead More

On the go with Chinese Medicine

January 31, 2015 |…

When you think about Chinese medicine, what do you visualize?

  • Herbs and roots wrapped in paper?
  • Capsules of herbal extracts?
  • Herbal teas in plastic bottles or packs?

– See more at:


Image: … Read More