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Ask the Expert

Cyclists, here’s how to avoid injuries

February 11, 2015 |

‘Cycling is an incredible sport when done correctly,’ says Sports Physician, Dr Cormac.

Indeed, cycling has been proven to improve cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility, lower stress levels and reduce body fat percentage.

PEARLYN NG gathers information from 3 medical specialists … Read More

ASK THE EXPERT: The trouble with sitting

February 4, 2015 |

A job that lets you spend the day seated in air-conditioned comfort sounds great, but there is a downside. Poor posture and bad habits lead to pains in the neck and back that can become chronic. Dr Tan Swee Kheng … Read More

ASK THE EXPERT: Is that a polyp in your intestine?

February 2, 2015 |

Intestinal polyps might very well be harmless. But there’s no way of knowing without first being detected by a test or scan. Next, the polyp has to be examined by a specialist. Little wonder that few people bother about intestinal … Read More

Whatever your Age, Shade your Eyes

January 31, 2015 |

What you see is what you get doesn’t apply to UV because you can’t see it but it’s doing serious and permanent damage to your eyes.

Sharon Siddique, PhD, Managing Director of All For Eyes, a shop specialising in vision aids … Read More

Why the Chinese are myopic?

January 31, 2015 |

Who: Alan Saks, optometrist, lecturer, writer and former owner & director of Barry+Beale Optometrists and Vigil Eyewear

By age 20, 70 to 90 percent of Asians are myopic. Not so surprising you think since the myopic must be mainly city folk … Read More

Breast cancer – same disease, same stage but different treatment. Why?

January 31, 2015 | 

The answer is simple. Every cancer is different.

The explanation from

Cancer cells are “born” when abnormal changes in DNA tell cells to grow faster and behave differently than they should. As these cancer cells multiply to form … Read More