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Myth-busting: Redness After Drinking Related To Tolerance?

August 24, 2015 |

Hands up if you are one of those who turns lobster red after a few sips of alcohol. Well, I myself am one of those. This week, Medhatter Priscilla Peck puts on her health hat and quizzes our medical … Read More

Hair today, more tomorrow

July 31, 2015 | 48

Here’s happy news for people whose scalps are showing. When the only recourse used to be 1) Hide under a bandana, 2) Wear a wig, 3) Get hair extensions, or 4) Comb over the bald spots, now you can get real hair customised to look like you’ve grown it yourself – even if you have hardly any hair!Read More

Will a mastectomy improve breast cancer survival rates?

May 20, 2015 |

Will a double mastectomy improve breast cancer survival rates?Read More

Perfect Your Running Form

April 28, 2015 |

“Run like you have enemies behind you”


Posture, Posture, Posture. Dr David Su (Foot & Ankle Specialist) from The Orthopaedic Centre could not emphasise this enough at the Common Running Injuries Talk over the weekend. … Read More

Better sight after cataract surgery

April 7, 2015 |

It’s hard to imagine that some time ago, removing cataracts left patients needing glasses as thick as bottle bottoms. Now, the artificial lens that replaces the cloudy lens might eliminate the need for glasses altogether, so there’s no reason to … Read More

Understanding Leukemia

March 18, 2015 |

By CECILIA TAN – Is there anyone who hasn’t had a relative or friend afflicted with leukemia? This isn’t surprising as it ranks among the top 10 cancers in Singapore.

A close friend of mine who was diagnosed with Acute … Read More