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SGMUSO Songwriters Night

April 20, 2015 |

Saturday 25th April 2015

With the local music scene taking flight, Barbershop by Timbre brings to you an intimate affair with Singapore’s aspiring singer- songwriters. Providing a warm and creative space for these budding talents to find their music within … Read More

Talk Cock Comedy @ The Barber Shop

April 20, 2015 |

Every Wednesday of the month

Oh come on honey, who doesn’t love a good laugh? Midweek blues are never ending, but Talk Cock comedy promises to tickle your stressed little tummy. Every week, the aspiring stand up comedians of Singapore … Read More

Upcoming: Beerfest Asia 2015

April 15, 2015 |

Beerfest Asia 2015 –  Thursday, June 25- Sunday, June 28

Is beer your drink of choice? Then, hops to it and don’t miss Beerfest Asia where you’ll be faced with 400 beer varieties.

If you are a microbrewer looking for … Read More

foodpanda Celebrates #Movember!

January 30, 2015 |

Craving for mouthwatering Korean fried chicken from 4fingers? How about a warm dish of beef lasagna? Sink your teeth into a slice of Canadian’s Hawaiian pizza or buttered chicken from Brinda’s right at your doorstep with foodpanda!We would like … Read More

A nightmare for people with diabetes

January 30, 2015 |

Can you pass out when you’re asleep? Apparently people with diabetes can, and it’s not at all uncommon. But it can be frightening and dangerous.

When blood glucose levels plummet, people with diabetes start sweating, feeling dizzy and weak, and … Read More

Spread Christmas joy with Santa Panda!

January 30, 2015 |

Thinking of surprising someone with gifts but too busy to do so yourself? Send in your dedications to us! Just because it’s gonna be Christmas, we will be sending our Santa Panda to surprise and deliver $50 worth of food to … Read More