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Interesting Beauty Product Episode 2: Animal Face Mask

January 31, 2015 |

Inspired by the popular residents at Ueno Zoo, Japan’s most famous zoo, this set of two face packs will amuse yourself and others while improving your skin.

Check out the video below what our Beauty Reporter thinks!

– … Read More

Budget skincare

January 31, 2015 |


I’ve always believed that whatever your skin type is, you can create a regimen with quality items at modest prices. Whether your skin is normal or combination, oily, dry or mature, or sensitive, you don’t have to splurge … Read More

Effortless exfoliation

January 31, 2015 |

With quite a few scars all over my body, I’ve been on a constant hunt for products to lighten them. Recently, I discovered a product at Watsons while waiting for a friend.

It’s the Natural Aqua Gel by Cure.  I’ve heard … Read More

The Wasser Difference

January 31, 2015 |

Try the trial pack before buying the full size –  First Wasser – 7 Days ($72). More about Wasser in the video.

Wasser is available at Tokyu Hands, Westgate. Ida from MedHatter will test the trial set and share the results. Medhatter has … Read More

Better Hydration

January 31, 2015 |

For flawless dewy skin start with proper cleansing and moisturizing. Wasser, a Japanese brand with a German name meaning ‘water’, taps on hydrogen ion water to reach deep within the dermis.

Originally invented to treat Alveolar Pyorrhea and other dental problems. … Read More

Does your bust friend really fit?

January 31, 2015 |


Do you keep buying the same bra size? Do your cups runneth over?

A survey showed that bra sizes change five times for two-thirds of women over their lifetime, as they gain or lose weight, go through pregnancy and … Read More