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For radiant skin, come clean

March 3, 2015 |

By CECILIA TAN – We are all vaguely aware that cleansing is the cornerstone of more youthful, radiant and pore-less skin. After all, what is the use of piling on expensive moisturizers and eye creams if pores are too clogged … Read More

Henna for healthy colour

February 25, 2015 |

Writer: CECILIA TAN – A decade of using chemical dyes has left my hair brittle and dry, so I have been looking for natural alternatives to hide the increasing white in my hair.

Henna, which has been used since 3400 … Read More

Like a 19th century barber shop

February 23, 2015 |

The pampering. The ambience. The feeling of manly camaraderie. That’s what distinguishes a session at upscale barbershop, Truefitt & Hill (9 Ann Siang Road). It also explains why the clientele is predominantly expat. Locals might be intimidated by the quietly … Read More

Thigh a little harder – straining to look good

February 20, 2015 |

The ideal woman’s figure has ballooned and deflated through the centuries expanding from slender, high-waist Egyptian elegance to the Victorian and Renaissance full ripeness and back again to the Flapper’s boyish shapelessness. Through the ages, the desired female body shape … Read More

Hang on to your hair

February 18, 2015 |

My hair has been thinning for a while, but I thought it was just the telogen phase when hair falls out. The problem is, instead of seeing new follicular growth, it’s my scalp that’s showing. This is dreadful for someone … Read More

Get the Seoul-ful look

February 17, 2015 |

You’re crazy about the Korean makeup look – you know, the porcelain skin, straight eyebrows, puppy eyes and gradient coloured pout? Let GERALDINE TAN help you get the basics right.

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Dewy Skin

Flawless skin is the first … Read More