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Paint your own cartoon nails

Paint your own cartoon nails
Ella Tan
  • On March 24, 2015

By GOWRI KANAGARAJAH – The latest trend in fashion and beauty are cartoons! We’ve been seeing bag designs that look playfully 2-dimensional, but on closer inspection, turn out to be regular 3D bags. Optical illusions can be such fun!

The cartoon trend has also extended to nails. To find out how to create cartoony nails, check the video tutorial by popular YouTube nail-colour artiste cutepolish (

Top image:

We were so inspired that we had to try it out for ourselves. Of course, the first time won’t be perfect and you can expect a lot of cleaning up around the nails, but it did look sufficiently pretty after it was lived-in for a while. Now, for the how-to!

nails - What You'll Need

nails How-To

After painting a matte top-coat on your nails, this is how it should look!

cartoon nails hand


Image Source for Nail-painting Emoji:

All photography was by author unless stated.

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