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Asmaa Shares Her Bucket List

Asmaa Shares Her Bucket List
Ella Tan
  • On July 21, 2015

It’s never too late to start a bucket list – no matter what age you are. For starters, our young and talented Ms Asmaa loves living life to the fullest. Here is the bucket’s list which she hope can inspire Medhatter readers to make hay while the sun shines.


Here are some ideas to add into your list – make it as long as possible and check out all the items by 2015 if possible – wouldn’t that be a fun adventure? :D

1.) Volunteer in a third world country

2.) Jump off a waterfall

3.) Run through a field of flowers

4.) Learn to dive

5.) Release a paper lantern

6.) Go to the airport and buy tickets for a random flight

7.) Watch a movie at a drive-in theatre

8.) Drink a beer at Oktoberfest (happening all around the world)

9.) Donate blood

10.) Rope swing into water

11.) Write down something that makes you happy everyday and fill it up in a jar

12.) Ride a horse

13.) Write a letter to your future self and open it 2 years later

14.) Participate in a marathon – the more fun ones like colour run

15.) Go white water rafting

16.) Take underwater pictures

17.) Go on a hot air balloon

18.) Watch the sunset from a beach

19.) Give a homeless person a meal

20.) Do a body shot

21.) Get in shape and achieve your dream body

22.) Get a belly button piercing

23.) Learn how to skateboard

24.) Get a tattoo – something small and personal

25.) Stay awake for 24 hours straight

26.) Perform on stage

27.) Sing in front of a huge crowd

28.) Dance under the stars

29.) Say yes to anything for one whole day

30.) Go on a banana boat

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