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Brush up for better health

Brush up for better health
Ella Tan
  • On April 9, 2015

Most of us treat our skin as mere cosmetic cover, overlooking its importance as the largest organ and the one that does the most cleansing. Sweating helps clear about 500g of waste acids a day but we can speed up the body’s detoxification process by dry brushing the skin.

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The main thing to remember is the direction to brush as it’s vital to move the lymph towards the heart. You will notice that masseuses massage in this same direction.  To push away from the heart puts pressure on lymph vessels and valves within veins. This can cause ruptures and varicose veins.


dry brushing flow

Dry brushing costs nothing but can be bothersome if you’re the type who doesn’t even have time for breakfast. You need to wake early enough to spend about 15 minutes brushing yourself before showering, and serious practitioners advise going through 3 cycles of hot and cold water to get blood circulating, and to wash off toxins and dead skin cells.


But just think about the benefits e.g. –

Flatten cellulite – If you have lumpy skin especially on the backs of thighs and hips, that’s toxic subcutaneous fat deposits. By increasing the flow of blood to break down and move toxins, cellulite becomes less obvious.

Hasten skin renewal – By removing the top layer of dead cells, new skin comes to the surface and as the body makes new skin every 24 hours, your skin will look softer and smoother.

Improve immunity – After several days of dry brushing, some people notice a gelatinous mucoid material in their stools. Dry brushing stimulates the lymph vessels to drain toxic matter into organs of detoxification eg kidneys, liver, gut. This internal cleansing helps speed up healing and recovery from infections.


Get started

What you need – a long handled brush with soft nylon bristles, a loofah, a bath mitt, or a rough towel. Be careful not to hurt yourself by brushing too hard but increase pressure once you are used to it. Think of it as self-massage but avoid brushing broken skin.

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