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BRAND’S Celebrates 180th Year

BRAND’S Celebrates 180th Year
Priscilla Peck


Remember your grandparents or parents giving you this chicken essence to drink on the morning of your examinations? Yes, I remember clearly a very good friend of mine coming into the canteen with a bottle of BRAND’S Essence of Chicken in her hands explaining how good it was for the brain. There is no one that wouldn’t know about BRAND’s Essence of Chicken and its iconic compact bottles. 

And this year marks BRAND’S 180th year! Time sure does fly by. As part of their 180th celebration, they are releasing a limited edition packaging! Coming from a British noble lineage, BRAND’S has been recognized as one of the most trusting health brands in Asia. Just remember your childhood and you will know how popular and trusted the brand is. 


Originated in the royal kitchens of King George IV in the 19th century, BRAND’S Essence Of Chicken was created by royal chef Henderson William Brand due to the failing health of the king. Mr Brand was compelled to create a highly nourishing chicken broth as a natural remedy to aid the king’s physical health condition. From then on, Mr Brand brought the goodness of his recipe to the masses after his retirement as the royal chef by making it commercially available in 1835. 



Essence Of Chicken gained wide praises and acknowledgement as a health supplement for the weak and injured, recognized not only by the medical fraternity, but also by the British Monarchy and hence, was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1897.

I did not know that BRAND’s had such an interesting history to its creation. the limited edition pack brings to life the story of its interesting yet little known British heritage, interweaving illustrations that depict iconic British artefacts since the days of 1835. Presented in premium golden packaging that captures both interest and imagination, it is ideal as a collectors item, as well as a thoughtful gift for fans of BRAND’s. 

Come join us as well celebrate this time of joy for the 180 years of health supplement that has taken Asia by storm since the 1920s!


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