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Blast From The Past: Films of 1995

Blast From The Past: Films of 1995
Priscilla Peck

We are in the new millennium and in the age where graphics are so realistic it is pretty hard to tell the real from the computer generated. For a bit of nostalgia, let’s travel back in time to explore popular movies that were released exactly 20 years ago in 1995!

Toy Story

Medhatter-Toy StoryYou’ve not seen Toy Story? Take the nearest exit out! Hah, just kidding. But come on, just like for those born in the late 80s into the 90s, this movie is a part of our childhood. Toy Story was not just a no-brainer cartoon, it always had an emotional touch to it that had us sniffling if not crying buckets, especially by the 3rd movie. From the start, Pixar movies tugged at our heartstrings, and this would continue through wonderful later films like Up in 2009. For Toy Story, I remember the very first movie had a little bit of a dark side, thanks to naughty neighbour, Sid. That kid still gives me the creeps.


Similarly, you could not possibly have missed Jumanji. This film is very close to my heart as it turns a board game into a fantasy adventure, something kids at the time could relate to. Getting chased by a hunter, being turned into a monkey or getting caught by gigantic man-eating vines? We were completely caught up in the action.  Also, we look back with nostalgia at a young Robin Williams who is very much missed, and at Kirsten Dunst before she found fame as Spidey’s girl. 

Judge Dredd

Medhatter-Judge DreddNow this is just iconic. I’ll always remember Sylvester Stallone not as Rocky (released in 1976) but Judge Dredd. Even if I couldn’t remember the story as a kid, I knew his futuristic helmet with visor-like shield. Based on a comic book character, Judge Dredd is the only thing standing between order and chaos in a crime-plagued future. His duty is to control the violent metropolitan sprawls and kill criminals if absolutely necessary. But of course in every story, he gets framed for a murder of an ex-judge and the film follows him trying to prove his innocence and return order to the world. 

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