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Beauty Tips – Thea Ilona

Furbie's Mama

It is Monday and it’s time for beauty tips! Today, we have another Indonesian fellow, Thea Ilona – a girl behind the inspiring posts and reviews at Find out our conversation below as she revealed her beauty secrets!


Tell us a little bit about what you are currently doing.

I’ve just passed my final project so I’m currently waiting for graduation, while looking for a job and of course blogging!

What do you think is the key to have a healthy skin?

I believe the key to have healthy skin is proper skincare. You can’t be lazy and skip steps with this one. You need to have products that suit your skin type and skin condition.

What are some of the beauty or make up routine you love to do?

I love to minimize the products I use and focus on what I need. For daily wear I only focus on my skin, eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. After skincare, I always use a lightweight foundation, concealer only on under my eyes and blemishes, fill in my brows, curl then coat my eyelashes with mascara, and finally put on a nude or MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick. Sometimes I only put on a tinted lipbalm instead of a lipstick.

What are some of the beauty steps that you would recommend to others?

I would recommend filling in your brows as they frame your face. You don’t need to re-do your brows, just follow your natural brow shape and color. Use small strokes with a hard brow pencil or angled brush to mimic hairs instead of one sweep of a line.

Do you have any special beauty treatments? And if you do, what it is?

Yes I do! I do monthly facials to keep my face clean and clear of dirt. Especially in Jakarta, where pollution is just inevitable (and I sometimes ride my motorcycle too). I have facials with extraction once every 3 months, the rest are without. I also exfoliate my face at home once or twice a week.

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