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Beauty Tips – Stephanie Juliancy

Beauty Tips – Stephanie Juliancy
Ella Tan
  • On May 25, 2015

We can’t get enough of beauty tips. So here is another one. This week, we had the chance to chat with Stephanie Juliancy from Indonesia. Known for her make-up artist skills, her talent in beauty is indeed undoubted and we simply loved hearing beauty advice from her. Thank you for sharing with us!



  1. Tell us a little bit about what you are currently doing.

I’m a Makeup Artist on the weekend and a full time student on the weekdays.. hehe. I’m currently a final year student majoring International Relations in Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung. I’ve been a makeup artist for 4years but lately I’m focusing into my final assignment :)

  1. What do you think to have a healthy skin?

I drink mineral water A LOT! Yes, a lot. I never had diet, I eat almost everything, BUT I do workouts regularly, having yoga and ballet twice a week. hehe.. so I hope that everything is paid-off. hahaha. I never had a day without fruits.

  1. What are some of the beauty or make up routine you love to do?

As a makeup artist, I don’t usually put a lot of makeup on my face. I don’t know, I hate it when it comes to cleaning up all the makeup I had for the day. I would only fill in the sparse on my brows, curl my lashes and put some waterproof mascara, and lastly a bright lipstick (I hate looking pale with nude lipstick ). No foundation, nor bb creams, etc :P

4. What are some of the beauty steps that you would recommend to others?

Skip your foundation! And cover your imperfection with concealer only. And lastly, avoid instagram-eyebrow! hahahaha.

5. Do you have any special beauty treatments? And if you do, what it is?

Ah, I don’t think it’s special, but I always drown my face into a bowl full of ice cube every morning, and it wakes me up. But I’ve heard that it would minimize wrinkles :)

6. What are some of must-have beauty items that one should have?

Concealer! No one comes with super perfect skin, they will at the very least have dark circles :D Mascara, petroleum jelly and lip&cheek cream. Now, You’re good to go :)

7.  What are the biggest new beauty trends you have seen for 2015 so far?

Dewy and glowing makeup still on the trend. The look of healthy-skin somehow timeless.

8. What is your biggest piece of advice for staying beautiful?

Being beautiful is not about how much makeup that you put on your face, it comes from inside. Love your body, and be happy! Happy girls are the prettiest :)

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