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Medhatter Interviews Blogger Ms Roxanne

Medhatter Interviews Blogger Ms Roxanne

“Beauty is not about having a pretty face but it is about having a pretty mind” got a chance to hang out with Roxanne Chia – a personal stylist, fashionista, beauty maven as well as a beauty and style blogger at . Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy our beauty interview here!

Tell us a little bit about what you are currently doing.
I’m a teacher in a local junior college by day, and a beauty & lifestyle blogger by night (and on weekends). I’m awake by 6am in the mornings and asleep by 11pm on week nights. Getting my beauty sleep is important, especially when I film beauty tutorials and my face is completely un-made up at the beginning of these videos!

What do you think is the key to having radiant and beautiful skin?
Getting enough sleep, eating right, drinking lots of water and having a consistent skincare routine.

What are some of the beauty or make up routine you love to do?
I highly recommend doing a double cleanse every evening to remove the day’s makeup thoroughly. I do this with the aid of an ultra-sonic cleansing brush to make sure that my pores are all cleared out, so I don’t get white heads, which can develop into acne.

What are some of the beauty steps that you would recommend to others?
Double cleanse with an ultra-sonic cleansing tool, exfoliate weekly and moisturise every night!

Do you have any special beauty treatments? And if you do, what it is?
None, as my skin is especially sensitive.

What are some of must-have beauty items that one should have?
An ultra-sonic cleansing tool, whitening/brightening mask sheets and a suitable foundation with sunblock.

What are the biggest new beauty trends you have seen for 2015 so far?
Plum is the It colour of the moment, as seen on the runways for SS and FW 2015. The eyes or lips can be in this beautiful berry shade, but not at the same time. Another striking trend is the cat eye drawn in with black liquid eyeliner. Because it’s such a classic and timeless look, I think it’s one that all women should be able to handle.

What is your biggest piece of advice for staying beautiful?
Think beautiful and kind thoughts.BeautyInspirations

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