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Beauty Hack from Blogger Ririe Prameswari

Beauty Hack from Blogger Ririe Prameswari
Ella Tan
  • On May 19, 2015

Everyone loves beauty hacks. However, not everyone has the time or money to experiment and try everything out. Thankfully, there are many people out there who are willing to share their beauty secrets so we don’t have to. Medhatter has made it our mission to gather these tips for you. This hack is great especially for those with dry skin.

Today, we have our lovely Indonesian friend, Ririe Prameswari – owner of beauty blog, to share her beauty tips with all of us. Thank you for your answers and beautiful photos!

Q & A with Ms Ririe

Say hello to this beautiful Ririe Prameswari

Say hello to this beautiful Ririe Prameswari!

1. Tell us a little bit about what you are currently doing.

Okay, my name is Ririe Prameswari. I’m the writer of I’m a social media strategist leader by day and a beauty blogger by night.

2. What do you think is the key to have a healthy skin?

The key to have a healthy skin is by drinking enough water. This way is really helpful to hydrate our skin from the inside. I swear!

3. What are some of your beauty or make up routine?

Because I have a problem with dry skin, so I need to apply range of products to complete my looks. Before I’m doing my makeup, I always applying moisturizer and massage my face a little. It prevents my face from ageing, you know! Then I continue applying sunscreen (because I live in a tropical country). And I continue applying CC Cream, it helps my makeup stays longer than usual. After all of those steps are finished, I can do my make up as usual.


4. What are some of the beauty steps that you would recommend to others?

Apply any face mask once a week and try to put your mask in the refrigerator one-hour prior to use. You would feel an extra cooling and soothing effect!

5. Do you have any special beauty treatments?

I never go to hair salon or beauty doctor because I know my hair and skin well. I did my special beauty treatments at home every weekend by myself! What I love the most is after I treat my hair well, most of my friends asked me who did my hair and on which salon. I always use hair spa once a week and apply it before I wash my hair with shampoo. So that the benefits of the hair spa will absorb into my hair and the rest will be cleaned up by using shampoo. Easy right?

6. What are some of must-have beauty items that one should have?

If you have a problem with dry skin like me, I recommend you to try Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and apply it everyday before you go to sleep. It can be used as a night cream to get rid your dry skin!

7. What are the biggest new beauty trends you have seen for 2015 so far?

Biggest trend that I’ve seen so far are some women contouring her face and also her body to look even skinnier while they take pictures. It’s crazy how they don’t even want an instant plastic surgery, then decide to try a pro makeup techniques and do their best to look beautiful in everyway. Even I never thought about that and I think one day I’ll try to contour my face and body, so that I’ll have a killer v-shape face while taking selfie pictures LOL.

8. What is your biggest piece of advice for staying beautiful?

Just be yourself because everyone else is taken!


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