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Bag to the future

Bag to the future
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By RIZWANA BEGUM – Next to shoes, bags must surely top the list of must-haves for women. Both don’t require time in the fitting room and immediately accessorize the plainest outfit. Even more than shoes, designer bags are collectibles. However, whether branded or not, like shoes, bags can be a health hazard. The temptation to cart as much as possible in one roomy bag leads to postural and spinal problems.

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Most of the time, the effects of carrying a heavy bag may not be obvious until pain is noticeable. The reason: the stress of carrying a load usually tends to accumulate and snowball into larger injuries that demand medical attention.


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Experts encourage us to be laden with no greater than 10% of our body weight so as to minimize stressing muscles and joints. It is also crucial to ensure that the load is distributed evenly to avoid strain.

Research also shows that carting around what is known as “Shoppers’ Bag” can result in scoliosis. Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine to one side, which obviously is not good for the spine.


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Hence, it is recommended that we keep the load as light as possible, and if not, to at least keep shifting sides instead of carrying the bag on one side. This will help to slow down or reduce the development of scoliosis. To further support your back, medical professionals encourage basic strengthening exercises to prevent early degradation of one’s spine.

The importance of carrying the right kind of bag and carrying it in the right manner cannot be overstated.


Some of the ways in which you can carry your bag without too much stress on your body are as follows:

  • Switching sides regularly
  • Avoid loading on your elbow
  • Carrying the bag diagonally across your shoulder


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