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About Ella Tan

Ella Tan

Ella Tan

“After decades in print publishing I should have had enough. But the mad hatter slash masochist hiding within gets a giddy rush from connecting with a new online audience and with the myriad possibilities of a digital platform. The web is the entry to Wonderland – rife with information, and views that telescope from big to tiny. It allows us at MedHatter to teeter between serious and frivolous because, honestly, who wants to visit a site that doesn’t make you smile. Some silliness is good for the health which is what is all about. While we distil hard medical facts and gather health info, we hope both health professionals and regular folk will lend their voices to a community of clarity and exchange. And fun of course.”

Posts By Ella Tan

Now, ‘ear this

October 26, 2015 |


It’s a Monday, and you’re stressed just thinking of the deadlines, meetings, reports, targets, and demanding clients needing your attention this week?

Instead of reaching for another coffee, take a walk outdoors (when it’s not … Read More

No-brainer Halloween treat

October 23, 2015 |


Eew! Looking for something truly gross to delight teenagers and little kids? This bloody brain cake should do the trick (and it’s a tasty treat if you dare take a bite). Don’t bring it to the office … Read More

Depressed? It shows in your blood

October 20, 2015 |


Walking under a cloud because business is slow, your job applications aren’t getting results, your relationship is floundering, and the days really appear miserably grey. The last can be blamed on the haze, but are you seriously depressed, … Read More


October 16, 2015 | 20


Enter the newly opened Stenders shop in Plaza Singapura (#03-75) and you’ll be drawn like a bee to nectar – directly to the soap shelves. Here are handmade soaps that look and smell good enough to eat. … Read More

Get Crafty 2

October 12, 2015 |


If you don’t have a lot of space, pick a craft that won’t fill a room, or two. A hobby can take over your life, turning from a passion into an obsession.

I should know.

Read More

Get Crafty 1

October 11, 2015 | 15


When I started looking at crafts to recommend I found so many I wanted to try that I had to stop before the intended one article grew into a series. As it is, there’s no … Read More