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About Furbie’s Mama

Furbie's Mama

Furbie's Mama

Nicole enjoys working on her first love, travel photography and writing. As a former writer, stylist and photographer, she loves crafts and new travels. Having lived and worked in different cities in Europe has also trained her eyes and ears to spot the best eateries and shoppings haunts. Edith hopes to share more travel stories with readers who want to get around quickly on their own.

Posts By Furbie's Mama

Mask Haves – Never Miss Your Beauty Sleep With These Cool Eye Masks

March 15, 2015 |

By CECILIA TAN – I discovered the wonders of sleep masks when I received one in an airline freebie kit. I wore it out in the years I used to take 12-hour flights for work.

I found sleep masks so useful … Read More

Live Life Big Because No One is Getting Out Alive

March 8, 2015 |

Living Life Large Because No One Is Getting Out Alive

When I first met Rose in 2007, she was spritely and energetic and never failed to get into a fervent argument to defend those close to her heart. And … Read More

Coca Cola polar bears

February 12, 2015 |

I’m not a regular Coke drinker, but I love how Coke plays with graphic arts. Coca Cola has had a love affair with the polar bear since 1993 when the image of the cute Arctic resident was adopted by … Read More

MUSINGS: Oz Open tennis champ

February 12, 2015 |

And the winner is … RHYS YAHYA studies his crystal, or rather tennis ball, to make an educated guess as to who’s likely to walk away with the title this year.

It’s happening right now – the best male tennis … Read More

Soup up joints

January 31, 2015 |

You probably take a glucosamine-chondroitin supplement if your knees hurt. It’s not all in your mind. There’s good reason to believe it works despite reports surfacing now and then suggesting otherwise. In 2006, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducted … Read More

Eat Like a Caveman

January 31, 2015 |

Can’t keep the weight down despite watching what you eat? Try the ‘paleo’ diet recommended by Dr Doug McGuff in his book “Body by Science” believed to be better at lowering body fat than exercise.

During the Paleolithic period, about 12,000 … Read More