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About Furbie’s Mama

Furbie's Mama

Furbie's Mama

Nicole enjoys working on her first love, travel photography and writing. As a former writer, stylist and photographer, she loves crafts and new travels. Having lived and worked in different cities in Europe has also trained her eyes and ears to spot the best eateries and shoppings haunts. Edith hopes to share more travel stories with readers who want to get around quickly on their own.

Posts By Furbie's Mama

Letter to my traveling self

May 22, 2015 |

Going on a holiday! This is where you can make change. Preserve whatever park you will visit. Remember to throw away that empty bag of chips. Hopefully your considerate deed might rub off on others. Your minuscule action would have saved another site, another landmark, another bit history.Read More

D.I.Y. Camp to Glamp

May 19, 2015 |

BY RACHEL THE: D.I.Y. Camp to Glamp

Top image:

Glamping has become quite popular as of late. But of course not everyone can afford to set up camp in the undisturbed Chilean fjords or at rocky deserts in California.

Read More

Glamp like the Stars

May 13, 2015 |

Top image:

By RACHEL THE – Care to guess what the USD$12,500 (SGD$16,900) gift in the Oscar goody bag was this year? Probably a gold plated set of headphones or a box of caviar and oysters, you say? Quite unexpectedly, it … Read More

Medhatter Media Wishes All Moms a Beautiful Mother’s Day

May 2, 2015 |

Medhatter Media Wishes All Moms a Beautiful Mother’s DayRead More

Review: Karin Herzog

April 15, 2015 |


Tired, stressed out skin? With intense moisture and oxygen, Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream soothes ultra-dehydrated skin, bringing back texture and natural glow.

While trying not to set my hopes high, my dry and dull skin appeared relieved at first application. … Read More

In loving memory of Dr Brandt

April 15, 2015 |

The go-to cosmetic dermatologist to legion of adoring patients, from Madonna to Marc Jacobs has passed on at age of 65. Medhatter pays tribute to the Fredric Brandt—universally known as Fred whose expert injection of Juviderm, Restylane, Dysport, and Botox helped many to look not a day past forty. Read More